A Banana a Day

Bananas are one of the most liked kinds of fruits. Not only is it delicious it also has it’s health benefits. Learn what happens to you if you consume a banana a day.

How to Get a Sample Doctor’s Note for Missing Work

general-physician-doctorsWhen you are looking for a day off work, keep it simple. Yes, I am talking about using a fake doctor’s note template to get a perfect excuse for your day off.

We all know what it’s like to not have enough time to mentally refresh yourself. You deserve time off when you need to take it. You know your body and you know your brain. If your mind is going to be elsewhere, better your body be too so you don’t waste time not focusing at work. Or, if you know that you’re going to be so tired you can’t concentrate or you will be legitimately and for good reason too hungover to function – take the day off and avoid the hassle and embarrassment at your job.

Make your own fake doctor’s note as an alibi to get out of work.

But I don’t need to sell you on using sick days to give yourself a much needed mini-vacation. But what you may need to pay some attention to is how you word your phrasing when you come up with your letter from your doctor discussing your medical ailment. It has been well shown and documented that legitimate medical reasons are the most infallible excuses for missing work. But just using the “sick” excuse itself does not immediately mean you will be smooth sailing towards a day of watching TV. To make sure everything is copacetic you need to learn how to get a sample doctor’s note for missing work.

The best part about using a sample doctor’s note is that the reasons and ailments listed on it are all real. You don’t have to make any up or pretend to have diarrhea each time. These have all been verified and tested as legit medical problems that necessitate staying out of the workplace for a whole day.

I used to just wake up in the morning and do that feeble cough cough cough on the phone and use that lame croaky voice, “I’m siiiick… I don’t think I can come in.” I thought I was so clever, when I wanted to avoid speaking on the phone I was even trying to wake up early enough to be able to leave a message rather than talk to my supervisor. That’s right, on a day I was trying to take off and rest and relax, I was waking up early! I knew I was doing it wrong. That’s why when I discovered how to get a sample doctor’s note for missing work I knew everything was going to be different – and for the better.

Now, I was no longer questioned. I no longer had to imagine symptoms. Coming up with list after list of things that can go wrong with my body was tedious and repetitive. And I was pretty sure my manager was aware of what I was up to with my phone calls, with my moans, coughs and sneezes timed perfectly. After all, if a person really was getting food sickness or that old “twenty-four hour bug” all that often, wouldn’t he or she stop eating street meat kebabs or from that same too cheap to be true taco stand? There’s only so many times someone can make up an excuse and come up with believable symptoms on their own. In most cases the help of a professional is needed.

So don’t keep making things difficult for yourself when you are trying to make it easier. A sample doctor’s note with legitimate medical problems will alleviate all suspicion off you and your sick day calls. Make the best of your hangover, or just catch up on a few seasons of your favorite show worry-free!